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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play

In 18th century England, there lies the contract between a boy and his butler. Things are not always what they seem...
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 Alois Trancy's Character would like approval please~

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PostSubject: Alois Trancy's Character would like approval please~   Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:39 am

Name: Esra Diminus

Age: Hasn’t kept track in a while but assumes he is 500, although he looks very young

Gender: Male

Race: Half cat half human (Otherwise known as a Neko)

Occupation: Soul catcher/book store owner

Physical Appearance: Esra doesn’t look a day over twenty years old but still is hundreds and hundreds of years old. He’s a moderate size for a male height wise but is very muscular as well, although you can’t really tell from the clothes he wears. His skin is a pale white and is very attractive looking; he always seems to have this insane looking smile on that is really the first thing you notice about him. You usually see him wear black rimmed glasses when he’s reading, but when you walk into his shop he quickly takes them off because he doesn’t think they make him look attractive enough. Unlike other males Esra is kind of obsessive with how he looks, mostly because of his low confidence. Although no matter how depressed he is he seems to always have that smile on, showing off his gleaming white teeth…but not smiling to much that you can see his razor sharp fangs. He keep his black cat tail wrapped around his left leg to hide it when going out in publice and as for his cat ears, he hides them under a black colored kitted hat. It isnt the most format atire but it's one of his favorite pieces of cacual clothes.

Hair color/style: Esra had short black hair that lengths down a little past his ears, just from looking at it you can tell it’s the softest hair you will ever touch, if you’re lucky enough to even get a quick little touch of it. It almost looks a little like Alois Trancy’s hair, only a little longer and a different color. If you saw his hair in the moonlight you could almost swear there were little dots of red in it.

Eye color: In the daytime Esra’s eyes are a beautiful emerald color, you don’t even notice that they are the eyes of a demon soul catcher. But at night his eyes seem to almost glow as the turn into a more light yellow color. Going back to his hatred of his glasses, he just can’t stand not being able to show off his beautiful eyes.

Height: 5’8


Formal-Esra loves being dressed up for work so you can always find him in a slick tuxedo and black dress shoes, and his black rimed reading glasses. You can’t really see what he wears at night since he nearly blends into the shadows of the night; all you really see of him at night is the glow of his hypnotizing eyes.

Casual-Knee high black lace up boots, leather black gloves, white button up coat with a black jacket (almost like his tuxedo top), casual black pants. (Usualy wear's this at night or in the late afternoon when the sun is setting)

What brings them to England?: Esra has been living in London for the past few hundred years, he lost track a while ago after getting bored of counting such a high number. Esra owns a small bookstore that is not only lined with books but lit a glow with jars filled with some kind of glowing white light. Rumor has it that they are the souls Esra has collected, death gods aren’t very fond of how Esra steels their business but he’s always happy to throw a few souls their way…for a price. Esra can run at the speed of sound without breaking a sweat and can dissaper into the night before one of the death gods catch him stealing their clients souls.

Other: Esra isn’t just some demon who feeds on collecting random souls; he’s also a great person to talk to about the old days and is actually one of the most intelligent demons of them all. In the back of his pretty moderate style book store there is a black painted door leading to where he lives. There’s no bed since he thinks sleeping is a waste of time and there is no kitchen or bathroom ether since such things as eating and going to the bathroom are human comforts. All that really is there is a huge mirror that covers one entire wall, a large walk in closet holding all of Esra’s clothing and other essentials, and a small window that lets in the fresh London air. The floor is covered by a beautiful gothic style rug and sitting in the corner is all little cat essentials like beds, food bowls, etc... for his all black cat named Alex. In the far corner of the room is a love seat that Esra usually likes to relax in after hours, although his shop is a twenty four hour shop he still finds that the midnight ours are moderately slow. In the corner closest to the door there is in fact a small stove and cabinet above it filled with the finest tea and wine of all of London. Esra is more of a social creature and loves chatting with his fellow death gods and demons, he also doesn’t mind having a nice chat over tea with a human. As long as he’s not looking for another soul to add to his collection.
Esra is a very energetic character who is afraid of loud noises and attacks anything that sneaks up on him, before he even knows who it is or what they are trying to do. He's very intelligent in underworld information as is always itching for some juicy gossip on either the humans or anything happening around in the underworld. Unfortanelty you dont get much information out of him without a large price, since Esra is a very loyal creature he dosent let any information that he is told slip out. If you want information from him you'll have to deal with his price, sometimes it's just something like "if you can get me this book i'll tell you everything you need to know" or "Maybe if you buy me a juicy piece of smoked salmon i might get my memory back on the information."
Like a cat, Esra is sly and will do anything to get some information that interests him, from his love of knowledge and gosspi is suprising he's not an informant as well.

Likes: Yarn, reading, souls, pretty things,

Dislikes: Rain, things that make loud noises, dogs

Relationship/family: None unfortanetly

Things that Esra likes to read: Supernatural, mystery

Favorite Food: Sometimes seen eating fish (Dosnet have to eat, just really loves fish)

Pets: Cat-Alex-Black tabby cat

Weapons used if threatend: when takes of gloves had sharp claws that can cut into human flesh and maybe even demon flesh inches deep.

Font used for him: Yellow

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PostSubject: Re: Alois Trancy's Character would like approval please~   Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:15 am

What an interesting character. I love the through detail you put into him. Very nice. Accepted.


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Alois Trancy's Character would like approval please~
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