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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play

In 18th century England, there lies the contract between a boy and his butler. Things are not always what they seem...
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 Chieval, Aiden, Ivory

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William T. Spears

William T. Spears

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PostSubject: Chieval, Aiden, Ivory   Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:50 am

Original Character Template:

Name: Ivory Aiden Chieval
Age: Unknown though looks to be in early twenties
Gender: Male
Race: Demon known as a Kelpie who is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore. These creatures are believed to haunt any location that has water and makes pleasant noises at night to lure in the weak and when they get close enough they attack. Some believe that this creature can also steal souls when someone follows them or rides on their water horse form. When they ride on the kelpie they run to the water and drown their victim thus stealing their soul.

Occupation: Ivory likes to keep his occupation secret though sometimes he is seen doing mysterious things very well known as experimenting. Other, Bodyguard though those who want his service must pay alot. Planner of plans and such mainly a guy to plan out battle tactics. Is also a song writer which leads to him using music to brain wash the weaker minded people. In a way he is a male known as a kelpie and has been known to hum really good almost sounding enitrely different.
Physical Appearance: Ivory has bright almost a haunting mixture of purple and dark purple. They appear bright when ever he feels like harm will come onto him. Wears glasses which seems to be a everyday sort of thing though he can see well without them. Wearing clothes that have fur collars and seems to be made of a expensive material Letting you know, Ivory will wear anything no matter what it is and it may come to be described later on. Ivory has fangs similar to that of snakes fangs and use them to hinder his victims, which means this man tends to flirt and lust for blood. Due to his nature as a kelpie he shows this side of him whenever he wants to play around. Ivory is normally seen in the clothes below and sometimes that may come to change. Ivory has hidden muscles under his clothes that he wear, though he seems skinny he can throw things bigger than him. Known to also be a good runner and skilled tracker, Ivory is able to take care of himself.

Ivory also has a water horse appearance, whenever he goes into the water he disappears and then moments later he comes out as a horse and stays that way until he fully dries. As a water horse his looks change entirely becoming a black colored red water horse covered in a gray misty fog and where ever he goes in this horse appearance does the fog follow and makes the area wet almost swampy. Which means, Ivory can turn back into his human form anytime.

Eye color: A haunting bright sort of dark purple
Hair color/style: Silver sort of ghostly white. The style is semi long sort of short.
Height: 6' 5
Clothes: Ivory wears clothes that have fur collars or sleeves. Whatever that fits his looks then he will wear it. Mostly he will wear all black with silver buttons, the pants are also black with purple coloring into his clothes mainly purple lines around his sleeves and inside of his jackets. Fur collars will always be seen on his clothes. Usually, he will other clothes for never is he picky and they may come to be explained.

Ivory's Personality: This man is a mysterious character much like his nature of that as a kelpie, he tends to play around though his nature is a little bit mean if not dark. This is how he is playful. Mature around other demons and or humans, he doesn't show much fear to anything not even death. Known to be a bit on the professional side, he uses his glasses to make himself seem smart which in a way the man is wise and never does he fall for pranks. Normally, his own kind would be cautious but he is the kind that doesn't show a cautious side. He could care less of being careful. Ivory is also a hardcore person who has been known to hum in such wonderful tunes that it may come to catch everyone's attention. The rest about Ivory is hard to describe for he tends to be nice one moment then being mean the next. He is also a bit of a flirt and tends to want to drink a little blood. This is his nature, always stealing people's souls he can not help but want a little blood from someone to determine if they have a good soul or if they are to weak to know his true intentions. In a way he tries to be smarter than others. Oftenly, he is called a pest for he may bug people for a long period of time and after doing that he will probably increase the level of annoyance or just walk away. Their are positive things to this man, he can be kind and gentle to those that interest him. A bit of a man who doesn't take order's well he will just follow those that need his services as a bodyguard though his price is pretty high.

Ivory also doesn't care about what others think of him and he knows when to not stick his nose into other's business which may lead to him being mean and a little hot tempered. He is a thinker and a hard core worker when it comes to writing and other things similar to writing which is often referred to him planning constantly. Ivory has more of his personality he will need to show but he will be stubborn and not show much. He is also sarcastic and hard to relate too. Their are good things about him and then their are bad things about his personality. When his story takes off his personality may come to change over time.

What brings them to England?
Ivory was kicked out of his normal home which was Italy and so he has come here and has come to not take anything from others, especially if he will be forced out of a location. Since he is a pest he will come back everyday and probably unpurposely damage things calling it a 'Kelpie's Wrath'. He is mainly here to find his place as well as purpose. If he doesn't find it then he will leave and it will be hard for you to get him to stay.
Human appearance.

Kelpie appearance.

Kelpie is a cook to a very good level and he is also good at knowing what things like plants need. Ivory has a liking for sugar cubes much like of a normal horse and he loves to sleep in late. Working is another thing that he loves to do and soaking in water and changing into his water horse form.

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Earl Ciel Phantomhive
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PostSubject: Re: Chieval, Aiden, Ivory   Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:54 am

Such an interesting character and you went in detail. I like that and therefore he is accepted~


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Chieval, Aiden, Ivory
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