Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play
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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play

In 18th century England, there lies the contract between a boy and his butler. Things are not always what they seem...
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 Nightmare's Paradise

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William T. Spears


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PostSubject: Nightmare's Paradise   Wed May 09, 2012 2:35 am


A site that is open for buisness. Anything can happen here. You can pretty much be anything you want to be with the race's and the humans are slaves to change things up. If you like to make up your own character, earn a lot of money, grow things, stealing, enroll in a demon academy, make up your own gang and guild, have any pet you want, or even anything in between then this site is for you. My two friends made this site and so please check it out. It means a lot to them and they just now opened it. You may come to like it. Arigatou for your time if you do check it out. If you help me out then I may give you a hug. *Looks to Will* You will help also! *Will walks away not interested causing me to follow and nag him* XD lol.
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Nightmare's Paradise
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