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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play

In 18th century England, there lies the contract between a boy and his butler. Things are not always what they seem...
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 All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy

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PostSubject: All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy   All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2012 6:00 pm

Chapter 1

Alois yawned as he was woken up by the morning sun shining on his eyelids; he let his skinny body move upward as he sat up in his king sized bed. The silk sheets fell from around his upper half and slid down into his lap as he moved his arms upwards to stretch out his tired muscles. Alois's eyes were too tired to open from the long night he had so he just used his hands to feel around to the sides of him; trying to find the demon that had come into his bed last night at his command. Usually when he work up in the middle of the night from a nightmare he would call Claude in to sleep with him…and he liked the company of the demon so close to him.

"Claude!" Alois yelled out into the empty room, he shivered as his voice echoed back to him. He hated that, the sound of being alone in a room. He rubbed his eyes until they were able to open fully, looking around the room he could see now that he really was alone. His curtains were drawn open slightly and the light from the sun leaked into the room, lighting up the room with a soft yellow glow. The blonde's head turned towards the door when is started to creak open, his usual twisted smile spreading across his face when he saw the jet black butler enter his room.

"I was just about to wake you master, did you have a nightmare while I was away?" Claude asked; his indifferent look plastered across his face as he set down Alois's school clothes on the edge of the bed. Alois just shook his head as he turned his body so his legs were hanging off the side of the bed.

"I thought you went in early today to get the classroom at school ready." Alois said as he was undressed out of his nightgown by his butler.

"You requested last night that I stay here to get you ready for school, after I have finished dressing you your breakfast is downstairs in the dining hall and your backpack is by the front door." Claude said as he pulled Alois's thigh length shorts around his waist and buttoned up his white shirt. Everyone in Alois's private school had to wear a uniform except Alois; he still wore the appropriate shirt but he had changed his dress shoes to knee high boots and his light brown pants to black booty shorts. It took a lot of convincing from Claude to get the head masters of the school to allow Alois to wear what he wanted, and also to even consider letting the blonde into the school…since Alois didn't have the best grades.

After Claude had finished dressing his young master he bowed and started walking towards the door so he could get into his teacher's uniform. Claude had been teaching as Alois's music teacher in his private school for quite some time now, since Claude was teaching the class it was, of course, Alois's favorite subject.

"Wait, Claude!" Alois said as he slid of his bed, his high heels making a loud 'clack' noise as he quickly ran up to his butler. The demon turned at the sound of his name and looked down at the young blonde staring up at him with those crystal blue eyes.

"Yes your highness?" Claude asked, continuing to stare down at Alois's with an emotionless expression. The teen smirked as he wrapped his arms around the butler's waist, pulling himself close to the older male.

"If you're heading to school now I wanted a 'goodbye' hug before you left." Alois said, resting his head gently on the man's abdomen. Claude simply nodded as he wrapped his arms around the boy's skinny body to return his hug, knowing it would please his master.

Once Claude had left Alois sat down at the head of the table to eat his breakfast, he didn't eat much of what had been made for him though. He ate a few bites of the golden brown toast with butter melting into it evenly and a few pieces of egg before grabbing his school bag and walking out into the warm light. Luckily the school wasn't too far away from where his home was so he could walk there in peace, the sweet air blowing his golden locks back as he walked forward towards the school.


Alois sighed as he sat down in his first period class, history with the loud mouth woman that wore too much purple every day. Girls and guys were crowding around the blonde's desk as he seemed to be staring off into space somewhere. He was popular with the children in his classes, mostly because he was like a god to them. Not just because of his looks but because he got to do whatever he wanted, wear whatever he wanted, and would never get detention for it. Mostly because Claude would always be there to charm his way into getting Alois out of any trouble he had gotten into.

"Alright everyone take your seats." The purple wearing beast said as she walked into the classroom wearing a plain dark purple dress, purple high heels, lighter purple lipstick, and of course, purple eye-shadow. She was also wearing these strange peacock feather earrings that didn't match with her outfit at all; her hair was also done up in a bun and not a single strand of that black hair of hers was out of place.

Following not too far behind the woman was a young blue haired boy; he gave the class an indifferent stare as he stood next to the teacher in front of the small class. The teacher put a hand on his shoulder as she smiled a toothy smile at the class.

"This is our new student, Ciel Phantomhive; please make him feel welcome here at our school. Miss. Middleford why don't you move back a seat so he can sit." The blonde haired girl nodded and moved back along with the rest of the students in that row of seats as Ciel took the empty seat next to Alois. The young boy turned his head to Ciel who had sat down next to him, he was a little shorter then Alois was and had an eye patch covering one of his eyes. For a moment it reminded Alois of the demon maid that was now at his manor, her eye had been gouged out by him not to long ago and she still wore those white bandages wrapped around the injury.

Ciel looked the boy up and down before locking their eyes again to give Alois a sort of disgusted look, seeing as how the boy was dressed in very revealing clothes. Alois snickered at the boy and went to open his own notebook to doodle little hearts with the words "Alois X Claude 4 ever" in them. It was a good way to cover for him not bothering to take the notes put on the chalk board; out of the corner of his eye he could see the blue haired boy look over at what he was writing. Ciel rolled his eyes at him and went back to writing the notes.

Alois shrugged at the boys hateful glares and went back to drawing his hearts. He had enough friends, some he wanted and some he didn't but still it's not like he cared if this boy didn't like him. In his eyes he was the hottest and most popular boy in school and no one eyed blue haired shorty was going to change his mind about that opinion.

A half hour had passed of listening to the purple clad woman rant on and on about the Korean War until the bell finally rung. Alois gathered up his books and sped out of the room, not wanting to spend another minute with that loud mouthed woman. Out of the corner of his eye he watched as the blue haired boy started dialing the combination of the locker next to him.

"Hello, I'm Alois Trancy." Alois said, might as well introduce himself seeing as the boy already hated him while knowing nothing about him. Ciel glanced at him and opened up his locked, placing his books in neatly before taking out another set of notebooks.

"Hello Alois." Ciel said as he pulled out a folded piece of paper he had in his pocket that showed the list of classes he had for the day. Alois's curiosity got the better of him as he leaned over to see what the boy's next class was.

'Music with Mr. Faustus'

"So he's in class with me next period." Alois thought as he closed his locker and turned the black dial so it locked up tight. After glancing at the schedule a little more it seemed Ciel had a lot of classes with him, including lunch.

"I'll see you in class Phantomhive." Alois said, brushing his shoulder against Ciel's as he moved past him. Ciel gave him a cold look while Alois just kept a smirk plastered across his face.

Class didn't seem to take too long; it was easy for Alois to pay attention when Claude was the one teaching the class. The principle had even suggested Alois be tutored at home with Claude since he seemed to be doing better in his class than any other.

"Don't forget to practice your sheet music." The demon teacher said as the children left the classroom at the sound of the bell; all except for one student who lingered while packing up his instrument. Once all the children had left Alois sat himself up on the edge of Claude's desk with a large smirk spread across his face; his smile soon disappeared when he saw whose profile was sitting on his teacher's desk.

"Why do you have this Claude?" Alois said as he picked up the file with the name "Ciel Phantomhive" on it.

"I was given it by the head masters, so I could learn more about the new student." Claude said, watching as Alois flipped through the pages of the file.

"Why would you want to know anything about him?" The blonde didn't really realize how possessive and jealous he was acting, not that he cared of course. Claude was his and his alone, seeing Claude getting interested in someone else would drive Alois off the edge.

"He is a very interesting child." Claude said, Alois growled under his breath as he took out the photo of Ciel that was in the file.

"He isn't that great." Alois mumbled as he ripped up the picture into millions of little paper shreds.
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All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy Empty
PostSubject: Re: All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy   All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2012 6:02 pm

Chapter 2

"Finally, it's over." The young blonde sighed as he turned his locker combination until it clicked, signaling it was unlocked. He really just wanted to grab his lunch and go see Claude…since this had been turning out to be one of the worst days of his entire life. Through every class he went to it felt like all the students had suddenly lost their interest in him. No one was fighting to sit next to him or start trying to get his attention by telling him some lame story that they thought he might be interested in. Come to think of it…they didn't even bother to talk to him anymore; when he tried talking to them they just smiled and nodded like they weren't even paying attention to him! He was so desperate for the attention he even went up to his perky mathematics teacher and tried starting a conversation with her…which was a big mistake since he stood there for ten minutes of the class listening to her talk while everyone else crowded around that new kid, Ciel Phantomhive.

In every class he went to it seemed Ciel had a larger and larger crowd of students around him; talking to him and laughing at the things he said even though he didn't even make a single joke. It was really gnawing at the blonde's nerves at this point, since he hated how the blue haired boy was basically stealing all of his friends and popularity.

"He's new… of course everyone would be interested in him at first…by the end of the week he'll be just another student like all those other losers." Alois thought, trying to calm himself as he took out his lunch bag filled with the delicious lunch Claude had packed for him. As he closed his locker he could see Ciel walking towards him with another indifferent look plastered across his face and another large amount of students crowded around him. Elizabeth, the head of all the stuck up cheerleaders, had one of her arms wrapped around one of Ciel's and a large smile spread across his face.

"Ciel you should sit with all of us at lunch today!" She said in her high pitched voice as Ciel started to open his locker; he nodded at the girl and glanced up at Alois who had been staring at them ever since they got there.

"What is it Trancy?" Ciel asked as he stared right back at the blonde boy, Alois's calm look turned to one of pure hatred as he slammed his locker shut and started walking away from Ciel and the group of students.

"Going to have lunch with that creepy teacher again Alois?" Elizabeth giggled as she watched the blonde storm off; Alois stopped in his tracks and turned around to face the smirking cheerleader. The students behind her were whispering at her comment and giggling at the reaction Alois gave them.

"You shut the fuck up about Claude." Alois snarled as he gave the girl the most hateful glare you could ever give a person. Elizabeth folded her arms across her chest and gave the male a hateful glare right back; the two had never gotten along since they were always competing for popularity. Alois was amazingly good looking but Elizabeth's social skills and cheerful personality also got her many of the students favor.

"So casual with a teacher, why do you go see him so much Alois? Do you not see him enough when he works for you as your butler? You're such a baby Alois; you can't even spend a few minutes away from that weirdo like your some mama's boy." Elizabeth said, smirking evilly at the now extremely pissed off teenager. Alois's fists clenched as the students whispers got louder and louder.

"Shut the hell up you bitch!" Alois screamed at the girl, he threw his lunch on the ground and started to approach her with a blushing red face and shaking fists.

"Aw are you going to throw a little tantrum for us Alois, just to stand up for that weird butler of yours? You little suck up, he's the only reason you are actually in this school you know. I bet if I reported him saying he was having a relationship with one of his students you'd both be out of here in a hot second." All of the students behind Elizabeth were watching closely to see how Alois was going to react, even Ciel was standing there watching the two go at each other.

"…Alright Elizabeth, that's enough." Ciel said, keeping his eyes locked on the boy who was now shaking with anger.

"Don't stand up for him Ciel; he's nothing but a desperate man slut who preys on people's attention. You said it yourself how much you hate him and think he needs to stop dressing like some penny whore." The blonde's eye twitched in anger as he swung his arm back ready to smack that smile right off the girls face.

"Calm yourself." Alois heard a familiar voice say as his reached back hand was grabbed by a much larger one, he turned around to see who had dared to stop him from teaching this stuck up brat a lesson.

"Claude!" The teen said, his anger disappearing in an instant and a large smile spread across his face; the man stared down at him with an indifferent look then up at the crowd of students that had gathered behind Elizabeth and Ciel.

"All of you get to class at once or you'll be late." Claude said fiercely, the students soon broke off into groups including Elizabeth who started off walking to the lunch room with her arms around one of Ciel's arms again.

"Claude I was just coming to see you." Alois said happily as he was handed his lunch by the taller male, luckily everything was safe in the medal lunch box he had.

"Get to your lunch period Alois; I don't have time for you to hang out in the classroom today." Claude said as he walked past the stunned blonde boy. Alois stared after him with his mouth gaping open before swallowing a lump that had formed in his throat.

"…What was that about…" He thought on his way to the lunch room, once he pushed through those doors it felt like all eyes were locked on him. A light blush came across his pale cheeks as he walked towards one of the empty tables in the back of the room; the cafeteria started to go silent and the sound of his boots clacking in the tiled floor hot louder and louder.

"Why the long face Alois? Get dumped by the creeper?" Elizabeth said as he walked past her table, out of the corner of his eye he could see Ciel shake his head at her and go back to eating the lunch he was packed by his own jet black butler. Alois ignored her comment even though he really wanted to smack her teeth out, as he sat down at the empty table he could still feel the uncomfortable staring of his fellow classmates. Even as he bit into the apple he was packed his breathing started to become unsteady as more eyes started to look at him.

"He's such a freak, look at him he looks like he's going to cry." Elizabeth laughed as she watched Alois get up from where he was sitting and pretty much just run right out of the cafeteria. His face flustered dark red as warm tears started to pour down his cheeks.

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PostSubject: Chapter 3   All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 03, 2012 4:41 pm

Alois paced back and forth in his room as an angry look plastered across his face; how could he run out crying like that? It just wasn’t like him; he would have never done that in a million years so why did he suddenly feel the urge to cry? Alois grabbed at his head as he tried to calm the thoughts that were racing through his mind; a long sigh passed his lips as he sat himself down at the edge of his bed.

“What’s wrong with me…?” Alois thought as he kept his hands on both sides of his head and leaned forward over his lap, another shaky breath passed his lips as he tried to relax. Once he calmed down from his anger a little he tried thinking of what possible reason there could be that made him actually run out of the cafeteria crying. It couldn’t be from Elizabeth’s taunting, he would have never cried because of what that blonde whore said. He would have punched her lights out if Claude hadn’t stopped him….oh…Claude…

“Get to your lunch period Alois; I don’t have time for you to hang out in the classroom today.” Claude had said to him just before he went to the lunch room….no…that couldn’t be why he had cried…Alois swung his hand back and slapped himself hard across the face, a red mark appearing on his pale skin as he got up to go to the bathroom. He quickly went in and kicked the door shut behind him as he went to the sink and turned on the water, once it was nice and cold he moved his hands under the running water and splashed some on his face.

“Get a hold of yourself.” Alois said out loud as he grabbed a towel from the side of the sink and dried his now soaked face, he laid the towel back at the edge of the sink and stared at his reflection in the mirror. There was now a red hand mark on the side of his face where he had slapped himself, he carefully placed his fingertips on it and rubbed the throbbing flesh gently. He hopped the red mark would be gone by tomorrow, since it was very noticeable against his snow white skin.

The blonde haired boy walked slowly back to his bed and threw himself down on the soft mattress, he stayed like that for god knows how long, just staring at the high ceiling above. The only sound in the room was his light breathing and the pitter pattern of something else, maybe rain; he was too deep in thought to check or even care.

Was he really that in love with Claude that he would cry over the smallest rejection…he did love Claude and want Claude to love him back but…if he got so upset just like that then…his love must be deeper then he though. It was just a total shock to him the Claude had actual rejected him, he always allowed Alois to come to his office…why had he not wanted him to come? Alois rolled over onto his stomach and buried his face in the sheets, inhaling deeply he could still smell the scent of the butler from the night he had slept in bed with him. The blonde tried to get the thought of Claude’s rejection out of his head since it was practically eating him alive at this point.

“Maybe he just had a meeting…yes that has to be it. Claude loves me, of course he would love for me to come to his classroom, he just had to go to a meeting today.” Alois thought, trying to force himself into denial to calm himself.

“Claude!” Alois called out, his high voice echoed through his empty room with no response following it. He rolled back over onto his back and sat up abruptly, sitting and staring at the door for several minutes waiting for his golden eyed butler to come in. After nearly twenty minutes of complete silence Alois slid off his bed and walked out of his room, ready to look for the older male.

“Claude!” Alois called out again as he walked down a long hallway and down the grand staircase, the clack of his heels echoed through his empty mansion as he walked across the tiled floor and into the kitchen. The only servants there were the triplets who were at work making the young master’s dinner; they only made small glances at the young earl who had entered the room. They looked at each other a bit nervously as they all felt Alois’s piercing blue eyes on them, he watched them closely for a moment before turning around and going back out of the kitchen since Claude obviously wasn’t there. As he turned around he gasped when he was met with his other servant, standing not too far from him. A snarled look came across the boy’s face instantly as he stared at the woman through angry crystal blue eyes.

“What is it Hannah?” Alois mumbled as he folded his arms across his thin chest.

“I heard you calling for Claude; he is not here at the moment since he had a teachers’ meeting with the head masters from your school. Is there something I can do for you?” Hannah asked as she bowed her head to the young earl. Alois just glared at her and shook his head.

“I don’t want you I want Claude, when will he be home?”

“He said he will be home late tonight, so it is more likely you’ll get to see him tomorrow in school then tonight.” Hannah said, still keeping a light smile on her face to keep her master calm. Alois’s finger nails dug into his arms at the woman’s answer, he wasn’t going to go to sleep until Claude got home that was for sure. His butler had always slept with him and it wasn’t going to stop now, Alois pushed passed the tall woman before going back up the grand staircase and into his study.

The blonde had his dinner brought into him that night as he kept himself busy with his work for the Queen, since god knows he wasn’t going to bother with that useless homework his annoying professors had given him to do. A loud yawn escaped his lips as the sun gave way to the full moon that lit the large office the young teen continued to work in. Alois gently laid his cheek against his hand as he dipped the tip of his quill pen back into the black ink, his eyelids felt heavy as he continued writing documents he had put off for a while now. The only reason he was doing all this work was to keep himself awake for Claude...but it had proven to be harder then he thought. His eyelids finally became too heavy to stay open and the boy slowly drifted off into deep slumber.

Since he was already fast asleep he didn’t notice the light blue haired woman enter his office and pick up his small body in her arms. Hannah carried her master to his bedroom and gently laid him down in the king sized bed, she made sure to be careful when taking off the sleeping earl’s shoes since she knew she would get a harsh punishment is she were to wake him. Once his boots were off Alois suddenly rolled over onto his side, his body expecting to meet with another larger body…but there was nothing. Hannah moved the warm blankets over him before blowing out the candle she had on the nightstand and leaving the boy to his peace.
Later that night…

Alois’s eyes shot open and he quickly sat up in the bed only to be met with pure darkness, he put a hand on his heart as it beat quickly from the nightmare he had just had. He swallowed thickly as he used his other hand to feel around for his butler, but all his small fist was able to grab were the silk sheets he slept under. He tried to squint in the dark to see if Claude was further across the bed but it was already pitch black and there was no visibility whatsoever.

“Claude, where are you?!” Alois cried out as he frantically moved both hands around the bed, trying to find the male who always came into his bed to keep him comforted. The blonde hated to be alone…he just…he couldn’t be alone. His head quickly turned to his bedroom door at the sound of it slowly opening, a large smile spread across his face as he watched his butler come into his room holding a candle for light.

“What do you need young master?” Claude asked as he stood at the boy’s bedside, Alois went on his knees and wrapped his arms tightly around the taller male’s waist in a constricting hug. His head nuzzled against Claude’s chest as he tried to get as close to him as possible, a light sigh came from the golden eyed butler as he set the candle stick down on the nightstand and sat down on the edge of the bed with the boy.

“Why didn’t you come into my bed?” Alois growled as he looked up at Claude, still keeping his arms tightly wrapped around him.

“I had to take care of a few things.” Claude placed a hand on the blonde’s chest, forcing him to lie back down in the bed. He pulled the blankets back over his thin body and went to poke at the fire in the fireplace to make sure his master had enough warmth.

“Sleep well, your highness. I still have a few things I need to take care of so I will not be joining you tonight.” Claude said over his shoulder as he closed the door behind him, even after the man had left Alois continued to stare into the pitch black darkness…feeling like someone had just punched him in the gut.
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All For Your Attention/By: Earl Alois Trancy
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