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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play

In 18th century England, there lies the contract between a boy and his butler. Things are not always what they seem...
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 Jade Shadowhive Needs Approval

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Jade Shadowhive

Jade Shadowhive

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PostSubject: Jade Shadowhive Needs Approval   Jade Shadowhive Needs Approval I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 5:10 pm

Original Character Template:

Name:The Lady Shadowhive, Jade Shadowhive, The Queen's Spying Fox
Race:white, not tanned, not ghost white, half and half
Occupation:Owner of Divine Dresses, Queens Fox. Head Lady of Shadowhive Estate. Unbetrothed, Master of demon butler Lucius Dracovich.
Physical Appearance:petite, small chested, doesnt hide star mark, well built, somewhat rosy cheeks. you cannot tell she's secretly strong.
Eye color: purple, right eye is star
Hair color/style:semi wavy semi straight black hair. has highlights of purple. sometimes pulled back into singular ponytail. has cascading waves when it is up.
Height:5'4, short
Clothes:normally wears a black and purple gown. has bangs dip in face. wears a small purple rose over her ear. has purple ruffles emerge from end of sleeves. open front on her skirt where a purple underskirt can be seen under crossing strips of black. sometimes wears choker necklace with a blood red gem drop. her ring is a silver band with a purple gemstone with a fox engraved on each side. black diamonds surround the gemstone.  she also wears a bronze dragon ring that she had given elsie her sister as a birthday present.
What brings them to England:      Her family lived out in the deeper part of the country. Her mother and father ran the company with ease. Her younger sister Elsie always had a way of making Jade laugh. They were very happy until one day a strange group of men came to the manor, they yelled at papa over some sort of ring. Papa had slammed his hands on the table and told them to leave, and as they left they saw elsie and jade standing by the door. The biggest man had a scar over his eye and he knelt beside jade and said thats a very pretty ring you have. I looked down at the fox ring papa had given me. I said thank you and he reached to touch me but papa had stood in front of me and said angrily to leave and never come back. The man smiled a smile that made Jade nervous but he left all the same. the next day was elsies birthday and i had gotten her a bronze dragon ring since elsie loved dragons. Elsie was so happy and she told her that even though jade's birthday wasnt until next month that she wanted to give her her present. Jade said it was ok and when elsie came back she gave jade a silver fox ring. Jade smiled and told her she already had a fox ring it was the family ring. elsie said she knew but she knew how much jade liked foxes. Jade told elsie that the dragon was magic, she told her that as long as she had that dragon jade would protect her. elsie told jade that as long as jade had the fox that jade would also be protected. a month passed and jade was on her way home from a boring party and when the carriage drew closer she saw her manor engulfed in flames. on instinct she ran in and saw that her father was dead in the chair the man sat in before. and her mother was missing. she ran to elsies room and saw her mother lying dead on elsies bed. but elsie was missing the maid that had been riding with jade dragged her out of the house and showed her a letter that had been resting in the destroyed rose bushes. it spoke of a man holding elsie and to meet him at the bridge near big ben. quickly jade told the carriage to make its way to the bridge, as soon as the bridge was in sight she jumped out of the carriage and ran as fast as she could. when she arrived the man was holding elsie on the edge of the railing over the river below. the man asked jade for the ring but she said no and finally the man said, your choices have cost you. you know have two options. jade looked at elsie nervously as the man pulled out a gun. the man said, you can either give me the ring and tell elsie goodbye. or you can say something to elsie, walk away with your back to her and ill let her go. Jade's eyes widened and said elsie give me your dragon ring. elsie had been crying until she eventually stopped and she sniffled as she said, but you said it would protect me. jade shook her head and said, no i will protect you but i need the dragon to give me strength. jade held out her hand as tears fell down her face. elsie took off the ring and threw it to jade. jade turned around and walked while elsie screamed as the man said, keep walking until i say so. jade did and when she got to the carriage she yelled, allright now let her go. the man smiled to himself and said, as you wish the next thing that filled jades ears was elsies scream and she turned quickly to see the man release her and run off. jade went to the side of the bridge and screamed as elsie hit the water with a sickening splash. tears poured down her cheek as she ran down to the river bank. the maid had been bawling as she watched elsie fall. jade had begun taking off her skirt as the maid ran down yelling my lady no! jade was about to jump in as the maid grabbed her jade screamed elsies name as the maid said, my lady we can not lose you as well. jade pushed the maid off of her and jumped into the freezing river she dove down under and tried to reach elsie. the cold had already knocked elsie unconcious and the water had already drowned elsie by the time jade grabbed her. jade swam back to shore with the dead body of elsie. jade wept with rage as she cupped the frozen cheeks of her sister. jade clung on to elsie all the way to the town home. as she bathed herself the maid had wrapped elsie in blankets and covered her face. the maid had went to another room and jade's heart turned black that day. she swore to her dead sister that she would find whoever was responsible for this no matter what the cost.
Other:Jade still hasnt found the leader of the gang who killed her family. she still searches for the man with the scar, she gave her soul to lucius the demon in exchange for helping her accomplish her goal of killing anyone who had to do with the death of her family. but that when the time came to kill the scarred man she would do it slowly and lucius would have to help her torture that man. Jade attends parties and balls and is rather fond of spending time with the earl of phantom hive. She is also intriqued by his butler sebastian. the earl trancy visits jade often but she uses lucius as a mean to avoid trancy. She finds him too forward. jade is also capable of speaking french, italian, japanese, german, and is currently learning how to speak hindi. She has tutors for her singing classes and loves to play chess. she enjoys reading and wishes lucius would get her a devilish pet. she practices archery and knife throwing. she uses flattery and her body to get information out of anyone she needs. if that doesnt work she has lucius take them and she tortures them until they tell her what she wants to hear. her favorite tea is earl grey. her favorite food is veal parmesan with angel haired alfredo pasta. her favorite desert is devils food cake. when she grows bored she uses lucius as a means of moving target practice for her knives and arrows.
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Jade Shadowhive Needs Approval
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