Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play
If I were you, I'd log in or register before I send Sebastian after you...

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play

In 18th century England, there lies the contract between a boy and his butler. Things are not always what they seem...
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 Fondest Greetings

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Philomena DeVore


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PostSubject: Fondest Greetings   Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:55 am

*curtsies respectively* Greetings, fellow players. I am Philomena, at your service. My friends are allowed to call me Mena. I enjoy clear winter nights when the moon makes the snow appear as endless crystals. My favorite animals are cats of any kind, and I will drink any kind of tea except Chai. I also thoroughly enjoy throwing knives. I look forward to interacting with each of you (particularly Sebastian). I love you
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Puppet Master


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PostSubject: Re: Fondest Greetings   Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:27 pm

Greetings, I am the canon Roleplayer of Drocell Keinz. You may call me Popitt or Gigi, whatever you prefer~ You seem like quite a unique individual. Welcome to the site. I can't wait to roleplay with you Smile
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Fondest Greetings
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