Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play
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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Role Play

In 18th century England, there lies the contract between a boy and his butler. Things are not always what they seem...
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  1. Elizabeth Middleford
    Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:52 pm
    Message by Elizabeth Middleford - Canon Character Application for Elizabeth~
    Canon Character Application for Elizabeth Middleford

    Name: Elizabeth Middleford
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Lady of Middleford / Fiancée of Earl of Phantomhive
    Physical Appearance: Elizabeth is a thirteen year old girl and tall for her age. She stands slightly taller than her fiancée Ciel and keeps her body in slim physique.
    Eye color: She has emerald colored eyes.
    Hair: She has long, gold blond hair with a long cowlick that has a slight curl in the front. The rest of her hair is styled in two very big curly pigtails.
    Height: 5'3"
    Clothes: Elizabeth has a fetish for cute clothing. She appears most often in colorful and elegant dresses adorned with ribbons, flowers, sashes, and bows. Appearance is one of her greatest concerns beside protecting Ciel.
    What brings them to England?: The Middleford family have served as knights of the royal family for ages. As a daughter of this prestigious family, Elizabeth was arranged a marriage with the Earl of Phantomhive, Ciel, who she vows to protect at all costs.
    Other: Elizabeth is nicknamed Lizzie by many of her close friends and Ciel.

    She used to show only her delicate side to Ciel until their journey to America on a newly built cruise ship. When they were attacked by a hoard of reanimated zombies, Lizzie, to Ciel's surprise drew out two swords and began to fight the monsters. She then yelled at them that she is the daughter of the head of the British knights, Elizabeth, and the wife of the Queen’s watchdog. Her swordsmanship skills are said to be even more talented than those of her older brother.

    Elizabeth Middleford - 13 - Lady of Middleford /Fiancée to Earl of Phantomhive
    "I am the Daughter of the Head of the British Knights, Elizabeth, the wife of the Queen’s watchdog!!"

    Alexandria Baskerville - 15 - Demon Servant
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